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GoPro HERO 3 – fuck, en vild promo

Canon EF 40mm f/2.8


Hvis jeg havde et digital slr, omfg.

True story!!


“This is the Image Fulgurator, half guerrilla-art stunt and half homemade-gadget awesomeness. Berlin based artist Julius von Bismarck uses his oddly named camera-mod to project images onto street furniture where they appear in the photos of strangers, but remain invisible to their eyes.

How? It’s simple. The device has a slave unit on top which is triggered when it sees a flash fire. This triggers his own flash, which fires through the back of the camera, through a film slide containing his slogan and then on and out through the lens at the front. This works because a camera is pretty much a projector in reverse. And because the light-graffiti is fired at the exact same moment the unsuspecting victim takes a picture, it ends up in their photograph and paranoid mind ramblings result. Neat.”

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Støt Kræftens Bekæmpelse med 10 kr. og Ø undlader at klippe sit skæg én dag yderligere

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Don of all Dons..



Nokton 25mm 0.95


Kamera #2


Gief!! Best of the best medium format.